Saturday, October 15, 2005

The Day After

It's the day after my birthday..Great party last night, considering I only sent the invite a the day before. Geesh, I guess people love me..keep forgetting that..go figure..must post some of last night's party, as there was some great musicians. Some met each other for the first time, and jammed together, which can be quite entertaining. In my case, Jim Rintoul and Kunundrum met and jammed..Spiral Spirit music meets the Peace Tribe Orchestra!

I've had some great bday email. Though not the most cheery, one of my favorites is this one from my brother Norman's wife, Amy : In a message dated 10/14/05 5:28:43 AM, writes:

Dear Allan, It's off to work for me now, 5am on Friday October 14. Sounds like fun tonight and I'm sorry I cannot go... when I get up so early I have to crash early too. Norm is sleeping, I know he has a software release today, he pulled an all-nighter.
Happy Birthday!

Dear Amy,

Well, the party was indeed a lot of fun for me..about 20 people made it here, many of them musicians; a little unusual, but hey, it added a lot to the ambiance..the biggest 'Debbie Downer' event was a report from a visiting filmmaker about the world's largest coral reefs being polluted by nickel mining in Malayasia near the island of Gag. Hmmmm...or was it 'Gog?' In any event, I'm sure he wasn't pulling my leg about this.

I did pull, however, the region on Earth (via under discussion up on the main screen in the living room for everyone's attention. This happened, of course, after a rather amazing sunset at Future Peak, thanks in no small part to a few clouds and what appeared to be a deep dreary-looking fog hanging over Santa Cruz, down in the valley.

Norm was in rare form, the life of the party more than usual, but with a twist. Besides doing all those voices he often does, he attached more personality and body to them, acting them out as if they were people attending my party!

It was especially wild with the crowd dancing around him as he drummed, danced and sang his rather personal and yet outgoing rendition of Fantuzzi's "Universal Lover." I hadn't seen so many women fainting since the early Beatles...who would'a guessed? :-)

Hmmm...maybe this is related to what Kurzweil is suggesting in his new tome, "The Singularity is Near." Like maybe past + present + future = N:OW ...and this can radically affect your behavior...But I digress..
His antics on the roof were beyond words...:-)

Thanks for the birthday wishes and looking forward to seeing you sooner than I think...


love and hugs to you too!

:-) AL

N:OW, it's sundown the day after, and one friend, the ultimate Mac and video blog nerd, Taylor Barcroft, is still here, showing me the ins and outs of video blogging. RSSing, blogger, Handbrake, etc.

My dear partner, Sun, ordered me a video iPod for my birthday, delivery ostensibly 5-7 days. Can't wait! Been also considering the Sony PSP, with all the mods now possible with it..But the iPod is first, freeing video from the tyranny of the TV set. Free at last, able to show stuff anywhere, anytime! Now all I need are a pair of really tiny speakers with kick ass sound to go with the video iPod. Any suggestions?

Been interesting, figuring out the ins and outs of this new decentralized video media far, posting on Google Video has been easy and works well. Plus all anyone has to do is search Google Video for my stuff.

Or click on the Google video link on my Blogger page..
or try this:
That ought to give you a nice selection of clips..
The Burning Man 'Playa Tales' series are my favorite Tribal Party Videos so far..

Seeking Familiarity

Terrence McKenna always said that NOVELTY was what drove human attention..True, I like new stuff, new stimulation all the time, but I also think FAMILIARITY attracts us as well. Sitting around a fire singing songs with friends, dinner parties with people you love, that kind of thing..So, I hope to post both forms of content..

Tonight is a video night..will probably watch Firefly with Michael Moore and probably Sky Captain and the World of Tommorrow. SciFi night for us..considering I'm missing the UFO convention in San Jose, it's a good option..A big bonus--no driving!

Still have to figure out the RSS feed, with a little help from Taylor..and to think we are running all this gear off the grid..think I'll start a blog just about that, and our alternative energy grid free house..

Till next post!

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