Monday, July 17, 2006

Eco-Fashions and Two Villages One Heart Debut

Eco-Petal Fashion Show

Whew! This is the first time in awhile I'm taking some time to write..Just got back from LA LA Land, shooting an "eco-fashion show" in North Hollywood. Sourced by our druidic priestess Rowan Gabrielle, Sun and I shot it in HDV, and you can see some of these most cool designs at

To make it a truly LA event, a few eco-conscious celebs were in attendance, including Linda Gray of Dallas fame, Terri Garr and daughter, Bashair of Crash fame, and rocker Sammy Hager. Interviews with these folks will be at Urth as well.

It was an interesting counterpoint to see Ayman Sawaf, investor in the eco-fashion show, and a Lebanese American, watching news reports of his homeland being bombed on his phone, while we prepared for the show.

The event came off really well, with clothing lines of over a dozen designers available for sale over the next ten days at the House of Petals venue (903 N. La Cienaga, FYI) . Sun and I did not have time ourselves to edit our footage, leaving it for a professional cutter in LA.

Eco-Fashion Media Crew From Urth.TV

Two Villages One Heart Debut

We had to rush back to Santa Cruz to prepare for the debut of our first completed documentary film, "Two Villages, One Heart." This was a party in the park, a pot luck din din, followed by a showing of the movie, starring Nada Miljkovic .

Nada being interviewed by Santa Cruz Sentinel in Mill Park, Ben Lomond

Here is Nada's download on how the premiere unfolded:

Last night, we had an official premiere of the movie at Mill Street Park. It was a beautiful day with wonderful music and a belly dance performance by Janelle. Many thanks to Dave Thomas, Jim Rintoul, the Two Marks, Michal Lauren, Neal Hellman and Karina (Guggenheim).

The evening was perfect Ben Lomond night, clear, starry sky, warm and miraculously free of mosquitoes. The venue was splendid.

The sound and projection were glorious thanks to Sun McNamee and Al Lundell. The screen was supreme thanks to the generous Michael Horne.

The chevapchichi feast with all the Serbian fixings were delicious thanks to chefs Matt and Gary Esser and Barbie's, my sis, sponsorship. The much needed shade during the day were brought to us by the Celtic Society via Rhyli.

The movie was very well received by the audience, many of which we had never met before but we would now like to count as friends. There were between one and two hundred people.

I've attached an article from last Friday's Sentinel just in case you didn't see it.

It was so much fun for everybody, we want to make it an annual event. That way if you missed this year, you can come next year.

We were even blessed by the visitation of a golden eagle.

The pictures from the party, picnic, premiere will be up in the next week.

I thank all of you for your support. I could not have done it without my beloved villages. I have so much gratitude I could bust. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Love and light to you all my friends and family,

Nada Miljkovic